Community Ministries

Calvary’s vision is to feed our neighbors physically, emotionally and spiritually. The following programs are part of that commitment:

Partnership with Our Place Waldorf

Through our partnership with Our Place Waldorf, we provide meals to those in need Friday and Sunday evenings.

You can volunteer to provide food or serve atone of these meals through Our Place Waldorf’s volunteer page.

ID Ministry

We are excitedly working to launch a new ID ministry near the start of 2020 to help those in need in our community secure important identification documents including birth certificates, social security cards and state identification cards. We are fortunate to be able to learn from and model our program on a very successful one in Washington D.C., operated by our sister congregation Foundry United Methodist Church.

To learn more about the need for and importance of such a ministry, check this 2017 article in the Washington Post describing Foundry’s ID ministry.